de Luís Soares

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Glazed tiles were invented over a thousand years ago by the Muslims. Their use was well suited to the climate of the Iberian Peninsula and by the fifteenth century they had become an essential feature in wall decoration.

Glazed tiles were formerly mass-produced in Seville and Valencia, where Portuguese traders regularly went to purchase them. Their manufacture later spread to Portugal. 

After the nineteenth century, with industrial-scale manufacture and the use of standard and repetitive patterns, the glazed tile enjoyed renewed popularity as a decorative element through its use in contemporary art. 

Today, the glazed tile is once again seen as a unique visual medium and a valid alternative to more traditional wall coverings.

As the maker of this glazed tile I have sought to lent continuity to this millennium-old technique and contribute to its revival and relevance to the present day. 



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Limited edition of a series     1/50
are authenticated by the artist's Luís Soares

With frame

The steps that it takes to process a tile

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